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French for 5th and 4th grade--


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Hi Everyone,


I am wondering what French program you would recommend for my 5th and 4th-grade children to use together.    


Language Background:   They have a pretty solid foundation in English grammar.   They are also studying Latin which helps reinforce grammar and French/English vocabulary.  (But they are at the very beginning of their Latin studies.  They will have completed SSL 1, SSL 2, and GSWL.   We start CAP LfC next year.)    And they have had an introduction to speaking and listening to French this year.   (Intro to French includes GSWF, Paul Noble's french audio program, and they use duolingo daily as a fun review.)  


Special Challenges:   Both children are dyslexic.   (They both can read English at grade level....but struggle with spelling in all languages. )    So far, learning to speak and listen to other languages hasn't presented a problem.  That is why we mostly concentrated on listening and speaking French this year.    Despite their learning challenges, both kids still think learning new languages is fun.    (So far!)   And they are highly motivated.  (So far!)   Their dream is to eventually travel and speak this language.   


Another challenge they have is that I am their only teacher.   :)   We are on a strict budget, and I can't afford a tutor for them at this point.   I took four years of French in high school but am not fluent at all.    I will be using the program with them as I teach, but I still want a program that has audio support so they can hear the words pronounced by a natural french speaker.   I feel comfortable speaking a little bit, but I don't want to inadvertently pass on bad pronunciation.   ;)  


If possible, I would like to prepare them to take the CLEP French test as early in high school as possible so that they can focus on other subjects.   Our ultimate goal is to learn the language for the sake of learning it....but being able to get some college credit by examination wouldn't be a bad thing!    So I would like to set them up on a path to prepare them for that test so we at least have it as an option.   




I want to find a program we can use as a spine.   We will keep using Duolingo to gently practice vocab, gender, conjugation, etc.   I will also supplement with audiobooks (French stories for beginners, that type of thing), videos, easy French readers, and songs because that is what keeps learning a language fun for them.   


Programs I am looking at:


I *think* I have ruled out CAP's French program.   I don't get the feeling that they will be at all fluent after taking that program.  That path doesn't seem like it would prepare them to take the CLEP test at all.   Another reason I have ruled this out is that we will be using Latin for Children and I want our French feeling to be a little different so they don't get confused.  


So, right now I am considering using Galore Park So You Really Want to Learn French -OR- Breaking the Barrier French.  We would take our time through both programs so we may not complete a book per year.


The main reason I am considering Breaking the Barrier text is that the ibook is only $20.   And I think we could share that same book across the family?   (We all have ipads.) The ibook samples look pretty neat:   they includes audio and video and answers.  


But I am worried that it wasn't made for kids in 4th and 5th grades.  Do you think my kids would be OK with the program if we just moved really slowly?  




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We have used Galore Park for those ages. My oldest started the series in 4th grade, and it took her 3 years to get through the first 2 books. She then moved into an online, high school-level French class in 7th grade. We were very happy with the series, and I felt like it gave her a solid foundation.

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