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Independent Latin and am I messing up?

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I have twins, 7th grade. One is a quick, get it done type worker. His twin has special needs and is extraordinarily slow with much of his school work.


I feel the quick worker has too much free time on his hands, and I fear I'm not giving him the education he should receive because his twin sucks so much time.


**I am wondering about adding Latin to his work, though I am open to a foreign language. I would need something he could do independently, and ideally something that isn't too odorous.**


**I would also welcome any ideas of quality work he could be doing independently.**I'm happy to plan, grade, review, answer questions. I just can't one on one teach anything else. My days are beyond full with what we have now.


I suspect he usually spends under 30 minutes doing CLE math 8, CLE LA 7, and IEW Fix IT on his own.


He also does memory type work for a team situation,and spends quite a bit of time working on that; some of it (such as asking questions to practice, involves me).


Once a week he does CLE Reading on his own--that too is very quick for him to complete.


His independent work in generally high quality even though it's done fast. The one thing I don't feel he consistently puts effort into is composition, and I believe he could benefit from more writing. I am thinking about adding something like Essentials in Writing (he already did IEW/he's past that now I feel)??? 


Most everything else involves me: additional math (Crocodiles and Coconuts), composition (he does his own writing/but I teach the course),  spelling, speech work, spiral review of previously learned material--all daily;  logic about once a week;  and I teach science and history with both kids together 4-5 days a week.


He spends a lot of his day reading, playing basketball, and playing chess.



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I really like this guy as a teacher and Lingua Latina would be fun, but a nice challenge for a quick learner. You also can't get a better deal on a Latin teacher. https://www.dwanethomas.com/lingua-latina-online-class/



The other thing I might suggest is a long term project of some kind. Learning to code, building a tree house, building his own computer, setting up and tending his own garden..... When my son was that age adding in something very practical and where there was obvious progress was helpful. If you can hit on a passion, all the better. If you can apprentice him to someone who works with their hands I highly recommend it. A couple afternoons a week hauling dirt or sanding wood is good for the soul of a boy.


We are fans too. Dd uses the Visual Latin DVDs right now. If she goes on to 3rd year, we will enroll in one of his live classes. 

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If you are the publisher or author of home schooling (or other) materials, or have a financial interest in a particular program, you may answer direct questions about those materials but don't use a general query ("What science/language arts/history materials should I use?") as a chance to promote your product. When these questions are posed, we hope that parents will hear from other parents not from those who may have a vested interest in the use of a particular program.



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