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Kumon for high school math?

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Hello everyone, 


My son has been using math Kumon workbooks for a while. We used to purchase them on Amazon.  He just finished Algebra II workbook, and it does not look that there are other math work books available. However, Kumon's curriculum seems to show a few more levels:


K Functions - Quadratic, Fractional, 
Irrational, Exponential 
L Logarithms, Differential and Integral Calculus
M Trigonometry, Straight Lines,Circles
N Loci, Graphic inequality,Sequences,limits
O Advanced calculus, Graphing, Differential equations
X Elective study: Vector, Matrix, Trigonometry,
Probability and statistics




Can someone let me know where I could buy remaining math books or worksheets?


Thank you!


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try checking out these stores..probably one of these is in your neighborhood..


Thank you, Klara. I will go to a couple of stores and double check. I think that Barnes & Nobles and other stores including online stores carry books through Algebra II. But then, it does not look that higher level workbooks are released to general public / stores...

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Barnes and Noble and many other bookstores will order specific books at your request.

Thanks.  My problems is that I cannot find the names / reference to any books above Algebra II. However, it looks like Kumon centers teach higher levels of math if you enroll.  I wonder if they don't release any materials above Algebra II to general public...

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