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I've seen other posts about this question, but I still can't figure it out.  I'm still showing up as "Just Visiting."  I realize that I have fewer than 50 posts, but there is a thread that indicates you are eligible to go "up" in status once you hit 11 posts.  That same thread gives instructions for changing that Member Title yourself, but I can't get that to work no matter how much I poke around.  Someone else suggested that it will change automatically, and I'm happy to wait if that's the case.  But I thought I saw someone else with fewer posts than I have with a different member title than "Just Visiting."  Maybe I'm just imagining it.  Do I need to just wait, or is there something I do to make it happen?  Thanks for your help!

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These are the Bee levels:


Just Visiting for the first 10 posts
Hive Mind Larvae for 11- 40
Hive Mind Worker Bee for 41-100
Hive Mind Level 2 Worker: Nurse Bee 101 
Hive Mind Level 3 Worker: Honey Maker Bee at 161
Hive Mind Level 4 Worker: Builder Bee at 210
Hive Mind Level 5 worker: Forager Bee at 310
Hive Mind Level 6 Worker: Scout Bee at 410
Hive Mind Royal Larvae at 550
Hive Mind Queen Bee at 750 
Empress Bee at 2500
Amateur Bee Keeper at 3500
Apprentice Bee Keeper at 5000
Qualified Bee Keeper at 7500 
Beekeeping Professor at 10,000 

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