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AngieW in Texas

Can anybody tell me about Adelphi University?

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We didn't get to visit Adelphi and it was lowest on the list of schools my dd was interested in when we went to NY this summer. However, it is the only one of the three that is financially feasible after getting the merit aid amounts from all three schools.


Can y'all tell me anything about the school?


One big question I have is whether or not the buildings are air conditioned. Part of what is prompting this move out of state is that my dd doesn't tolerate heat well at all. She is pretty much stuck indoors here in Texas. 


My dd has Ehlers Danlos, which causes her to have a lot of difficulty with heat. She tends to pass out when in temperatures over 80 degrees. I know that they have both air conditioned and unairconditioned dorms, so we would definitely go for one with air conditioning. She won't be able to attend classes there if all the classroom buildings are not air conditioned.


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