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Philosophy fragrances question


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My daughter loves the Tea Leaf and Sweet Cream fragrances.  They don't make Tea Leaf anymore, which she is now out of. I want to give her a new fragrance for Christmas, but because I can't handle floral or spicy fragrances, I need to be careful or I get terrible headaches if she's near me.    I see Amazing Grace is a new fragrance.  Is that at all similar to Sweet Cream or Tea Leaf and worth trying? Or is it heavy floral?



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I just tried this at a store the other day. To me it smelled like a combination of floral/citrus notes and baby powder-ish scent. After an hour or so on me, the strong floral notes had faded, and there was a faint musky scent left. 


FWIW, I react with itchy inner ears and and a scratchy throat to most perfumes these days, but I had no reaction at all to Amazing Grace. I don't generally get headaches from perfumes though. It might be worth trying it out somewhere before you buy it, maybe? Our local Ulta carries it, so I'm sure they all do. Sephora would probably have it too. 


ETA: I'm sorry that I can't compare it to the other scents you mentioned, though. I tried it on a whim as we were leaving the store. I'm looking forward to playing around with other Philosophy scents now!


ETA again: Macy's carries it and does free shipping (today, at least!) and free returns, so you could always send it back if you received it and reacted badly. 

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