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Physics text for reference

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Sailor Dude and I will be starting week 4 of his Natural Science Field Studies course this coming week and I find myself in need of a good physics text for reference.


I was initially worried that choosing to do a combined Earth Science/Marine Biology course would look weak for science as this is ds's senior year. I shouldn't have worried in that by using college-level texts and Teaching Company lectures, I think we have eliminated that problem.  The lectures for both How the Earth Works and Fillapenko's Understanding the Universe often require more than a basic understanding of both chemistry and physics. I love that we are applying skills acquired in conceptual physics, chemistry, and biology to new material. 


I have great college-level texts for chemistry, Earth Science, biology, marine science, and cosmology, but I have nothing for physics after I sold off the Hewitt text.What solid, yet accessible text do you all recommend for physics? I need the reference material for the times when we watch a lecture and discover we need a concept review, for example, with Fillappenko's Lecture 2: The Rainbow Connection, we discovered that we needed a serious review of how light works, just like for one of the How the Earth Works lectures, we had to go back and do a quick review of thermodynamics.  

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