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starting Latin in 11th grade...questions

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***updated to add I did a search and found some information - love this forum!  We'll do Henle at home :)




My dd studied a little bit of Latin when she was younger (Prima Latina, root words) but nothing extensive.  She has studied Spanish intermittently since.

Now she has chosen to go back to the study of Latin for her remaining years in high school (11th and 12th).


I am looking at Henle - dividing it into units 1-7 for 11th grade, then 8-14 for 12th, along with the MODG syllabus.  I like the price of it all, and the layout.


OR enrolling her in MP's online Henle course.

I'd "rather" not pay $500 for a class she could possibly work through somewhat independently - I am willing to facilitate somewhat - and she has requested an actual "book" rather than a video based program.


She is not interested in taking the NLE.  

She doesn't necessarily need to be reading fluently by the end of 12th grade.

It will be counted as an elective course.


So, for an older teen who has an interest in Latin, but it isn't required for graduation, what are your thoughts?  




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