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X-posted: DS15 signed up for speech and debate next year

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Posted Today, 10:59 AM

I confess I am nervous for him. :leaving: He is currently in 9th grade and at a private school. He is doing acceptably well in English (making a B average), but those good grades belie how hard it has been for him to learn to write comprehensively. I "warned" him that Debate is not just getting up and babbling about your POV; that he will be required to WRITE out the speeches to fit into a particular form; persuasive speeches, informative speeches, etc. He is not worried at all...but I am.


Is there anything I could work on with him over the summer, or else later in an after schooling capacity when he begins the class? Or should I just let the chips fall where they may when the class begins?

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For debate ask if they are doing a summer camp. That would be a good way to immerse him in it. Ask where a local speech and debate tournament is being held. Have him go observe it, this will give both of you a good ideal of what the finished product will look like.


Have him start praticing impromptu speaking. Give him a quote and tell he has two minutes to prepare a speech about the quote. Look up some youtube videos of the league you are joining.

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