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12th grade help with classes

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Hi ,

I have a few questions I'm hoping someone has experience with or ideas.  My daughter is finishing her junior year in France.  She is an exchange student from February to August 2015, in a language immersion program.  It is something she has always wanted to do, but it is tricky, with her senior year and college so close. I'm hoping to finalize her classes for next year soon, so she can get started when she returns.


Because she was only here for the first semester, she was limited on what classes she could finish.  One thing to know is she does best with classes at the local high school or online.  We tend to not finish home classes as well or as thoroughly, including self-paced or video classes. Also, she is a very determined, high achieving student, but math does not come as easily to her. She's had vision issues, which have improved with vision therapy, but there is still something there.  She may go through neuropysch testing this fall, and I know it's late in the game but she really needs extra time for math, on tests.  She seems to have processing issues. She hopes to major in Neuroscience, or Biochemistry or economics. Also she has already taken 3 AP classes through PA homeschoolers (US history, Government, and English lang).  Also, I will be able to give her credit for some subjects over there, but I'm not sure what right now, besides French.


Here is what we need to figure out:


1. She took pre-calc through Derek Owens, and is about two-thirds done. She can finish it in the fall. That seems like the best option.

2. She started physics also through Derek Owens, but only completed one-third. She needs this class but how? community college? It would be better if she only did one self-paced class.

3. She needs to finish pre-calc and take calculus next year. She was supposed to take honors calc at the high school, but she won't finsih pre-calc by 8/27.  We now have a community college offering inexpensive courses to high schoolers, so this  is a possibility. It would have to be in the spring if calc 1 is offered then.  Or maybe through Liberty University's online program.

4. She is taking AP English Lit and AP Bio at PA Homeschoolers in the fall. 

5. She wants to take world history, and hoping to do it at PA Homeschoolers, but she is not here to fill out the application, and she can't do it in France. I think 3 AP classes would be a bit much.   My thought is have her take it through Debra Bell, or another source and take the CLEP test.  One of the schools she is interested in accepts CLEP credit.  And this class would  not be as time consuming as another AP class.

6. She also needs French, but we're not sure what level.  She had one year of French through dual-enrollment, and her experience in France, at school. She could take it at the local school, but she hasn't heard great things about the class there.

7. She also needs a computer class, because she hasn't had one.  Our states virtual online classes has one, i think.


She is also a runner, so I'm trying to make sure everything is done with NCAA.  I'm also trying to round up a lot of college info, just streamline it so she can use it in the fall.  She had a very busy first semester and couldn't get to everything she wanted to do.


She is doing a great job adjusting over there, but it's not easy.  Her first question last week was about her SAT scores (she had a makeup test 2/21)...she had counted the days and KNEW the scores were in. She didn't do as well as she had hoped that is adding stress to her. I can't ask her about any of these questions because she really just needs to live in France right now.  It is a great opportunity.  So if you could help me, I'd appreciate it!





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I would suggest rather than world history at PAH (I think that would be too much with Bio), how about either AP Stats or AP Macro with PAH?  Both classes tend to have a fair amount of seniors in them and AP stats will be super useful for your dd in all of the three potential majors you mentioned in your post. I don't recall there being a timed component to Carole's Stat's chapter tests.    AP macro winds down at the end of February, so that might work better if she is taking 2nd semester dual enrollment classes.  Macro has no application and I don't think stats has a lengthy application. I would also suggest doing Calc self-paced starting when she finishes pre-cal unless you are able to get her processing accomodations in place for the dual enrollment class.  .  Stat's would also be a safety net in case your dd is not able to complete a calc course in the spring of her senior year--she will still have a math credit.  She is going to be so burnt out by the time spring rolls around.....maybe it wouldn't be so bad to just have her really take her time with precalc to make sure her skills are really firm and then plan to take calc at college.  


As far as her junior year credits, I would suggest giving her 1/2 credits for those classes she did in the fall--Can she maybe complete the mechanics section of the Derek Owens class in September for the 1/2 physics credit? Also, clearly she is having classes in France and she should get one full semesters credit for this valuable immersion experience...whether you list social studies (culture), art, whatever she is doing that you can group into coursework for the transcript.  Take a look at Nan in Mass's posts on how she did this for her son's transcripts when they were involved in all the peacewalking stuff----she probably could give you really good ideas of how to package this experience for purpose of the transcript.  


Also, why does she need a computer class?  Is this some kind of state or university requirement?  Given her potential majors above, I'm not sure why it is critical for her to take this senior year.  My dd is an econ major/stats minor at a top state flagship and the only computer course she had on her transcript was a word, excell, powerpoint type class freshman year.  She can always take a class at college.

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Nancy in nj,


Thank you for the advice!  AP Stats is a really good idea that we had not considered..  She took Honors Macro last semester, so I think stats is the best idea, especially because it will be a math credit.  


I appreciate the transcript advice.  Yes, she is going to school in France so she should get credit for her work.  I'll check out Nan in Mass's posts to get ideas on how to write it up.  


Honestly, I've done so much reading about college admissions, credits, high school transcripts, etc, that I can't remember why  or where I read about the computer class.  I'll have to look into that, and the class might not be necessary.





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