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UPDATE: Has anyone used Descubre Espanol or Colega?


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Hello Hive!


Like the title says, has anyone used Descubre Español published by Santillana? I am having a hard time finding an upper elementary Spanish program for my children that will work for us. 


- It seems most of the elementary programs available are geared toward lower elementary and are too cutesy, and my kids are not ready for high school texts. 

- Since Spanish is a living language, I want more of a conversational and cultural focus, rather than a grammar focus. 

- I would like some pictures and color on the pages.

- I want content written by native speakers. We have tried reading a lot children's books that a translated, but they seem flat and stilted.

- I don't want them to do a whole bunch of workbook pages. 


I do speak Spanish, so that will help with my implementation. I just haven't found anything that meets my criteria. I read that some dual-language school districts are using this book, so I was hoping someone has experience with it. Or anything else that looks promising.


Here is the link to the book I am talking about http://www.santillanausa.com/descubreelespanol/


ETA: Has anyone had any experience with Colega? http://www.europeanbookshop.com/languagebooks/series/COSP



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We just started using Colega this year, and I love it.  I am using it with my 7 and 9 yr. olds, but it could easily work for kids a bit older.  I feel like it is more thorough and challenging than any of the other beginning Spanish programs.  It is heavy on the grammar and writing, though, if you're looking for something more conversational.

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