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Questions about online classes and honors classes.

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My oldest, D, is going into the 9th grade next year. I plan to have her take at least French online through FLVS.  I can't afford a tutor and my limited grasp of French + Mango has not served her as well as I would like.  FLVS is free for Florida residents.  My question is what else if anything should I have her take online? Economics? Geometry? Those are two I'm considering but that would be my limit as I like to still interact with her as much as possible. Any experience with online classes of this type?


My second question is about honors classes. My current plan is to have her attend community college for two years after high school (again primarily for cost reasons) and then move on to a four year school. So is it important for any of her online classes to be honors classes?  Will the four year school care at that point what she did in high school.  On the flip side if she wanted to get a scholarship to a four year college then the honors classes would be a factor right?  I have enough saved for two years of each but not enough for the full four years at a school where she isn't living at home. 

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FLVS got a good rating for online/virtual schools. Math is a good choice for online.


A high school student should try to take "honors" classes, if capable, especially in subjects they are motivated to do extra work. It is about getting a good education not what particular college they end up attending.

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