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Reviews of HITW Time Travelers - American Revolution?

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My kids started watching Liberty's Kids and it has sparked a huge interest in the American Revolution. They have asked to detour from SOTW 3 for awhile and learn more about it. So we will! I'm trying to decide if I should use the Time Travelers American Revolution (on my phone so I can't link!) that is somewhat planned out or if I should pull my own stuff together. My kids like a good balance between reading or being read to about the topic and hands on activities. They like worksheets and cut and paste activities, but too much and it starts to feel like busy work.


Any reviews of this? Any suggestions for something else? Thanks!

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There's a LOT to the Time Travelers CDs.   It could become busy work, but you'll need to keep tabs on it and adjust for your family.   We found that their articles were a bit dry (compared to Sonlight, which uses mostly historical fiction), but my kids enjoyed the activities.   We have friends who used TT for their entire history curriculum and who loved every single bit of it.   I think your kids are at good ages for it, but you might lighten up some for the 6 year old.


One very good aspect to the TT CDs is that you can sometimes purchase them used, and can definitely re-sell them when you are finished.   So if you consider it an investment in curriculum that you'll use for a time, then recoup 50-75% of what you put into it if you buy brand new, it may be a good purchase.   If you can find a good used copy, you'll likely be able to recoup 100% of what you pay for it.


There are, of course, extra costs involved in printing all of the materials yourself.   If you are the type who doesn't have time to print materials as you go, I wouldn't recommend it.   Or if you print everything up front, but then never use it, you've wasted your money.   

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