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C/P Whispersync on Amazon.de

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I recently discovered Whispersync, which highlights words on the Kindle as they are read from the corresponding audiobook.  Thinking this would be great for foreign languages, I went to Amazon.de.  The "help" feature recognized the word "Whispersync" and had several entries about it but I have not been able to find ANY books that have it.  


Is there a word for "Whispersync" in German?  What am I missing here?

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Well, after a half hour with the unhelpful Help Chat people at Amazon, I learned that it would still be called "Whispersync for Audio"and he wouldn't completely rule out German books with it, but we couldn't find any.  I suspect that Audible doesn't do other languages.


I also discovered that you have to buy ebooks through Amazon.com, even though you can buy hard copies, DVDs, etc through Amazon.de


Oh well, it was a good idea while it lasted.

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