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Summer biology intensive ideas?

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DS/9th has had a rough go of biology this year. He'd much rather do an intensive over the summer to get it finished than drag biology into 10th grade too. This is a humanities kid who acts like science is kryptonite. With that in mind, do you have any engaging, non-internet based suggestions? Emphasis on engaging. He'll still need to get through cells, microorganisms, and plants at a minimum, but I'd like to attempt kindling genuine interest in the boy anywhere I can though.


He does truly enjoy Attenborough documentaries. (I exploit this frequently.) I have the Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments download, but I'm not very far through it yet.


By non-internet based I mean online videos or courses aren't going to work. We do not have reliable internet or unlimited data. Downloads are doable; coffee with free wifi is my friend. ;)

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