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anyone in las vegas?

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Hi friends. I'm temporarily living in Las Vegas for the next couple months.  Would really love to find anyone out there that homeschools classically.  Looking for some activities for my kids to participate in, and possibly to borrow some WTM books.  Most of my stuff is in storage. 





boy age 12

girl age 7

boy age 17 (developmentally delayed)

baby girl 6 months old

2 teenagers that no longer live with us :thumbup1:


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Honestly, most stuff is on hold for the summer heat. Springs Preserve, the Kids Museum, Downtown Kids and the Learning Center have chess and lego, local libraries are having summer programs, museum activities, etc. Have fun.

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Guest Mamalds

Hi. We are moving to Vegas in October and we will be starting the WTM in a couple of weeks. We are new to classical homeschooling, and to the Vegas area, so we would love to be able to meet other HS-ers so we can get some advice. I have a ds 11, dd 8, dd 4, and dd 1. Any advice on how to begin? Places to look into, etc.?

Sara Wright

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There are several active groups: meetup.com, yahoo groups, and big tent are where the RSVP's and membership stuff is - but most of them also have facebook groups (that you can join after you join the group) - which in my personal experience is where quite a bit of the communication happens.  And of course face to face at events and stuff.


Rise Resource Center is AMAZING - really should at least stop in and say 'hi' one time even if you have no interest in the classes and such.  The ladies in the office are a wealth of information, and when classes are happening or after them is just general homeschool mom chat while the kids play on the playground.

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