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Everyday Math

Guest Jenifer

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I think you'll get better response over on the k-8 curriculum board, but I do have an opinion.  Don't do everyday math! And if your school is using it I would pull my student out for that reason alone! Everyday Math was an attempt (about 6 or 8 years ago) to improve US math education with some ideas from other countries.  Sadly, the it didn't come together as one would have hoped, and instead there is a highly spiraling content - you get surficial coverage of topics before you move on to something new, and then come back to it later (at which point nothing has sunk in and it's just like starting all over again).  Post in the k8curriculum forum, along with some background info about your student, their success and/or struggle with math, and what things you are looking for in a curriculum and you should get lots of good advice. ~Best wishes, and welcome!

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