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Life of Fred; which one?

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I would like to use the Life of Fred books for our summer math work. Try one and see if the boys like it. Disclaimer: math is NOT their favorite subject. They will be 13 in July, rising 7th graders. We use Teaching Textbooks and they are finishing up the 6th grade level. I would like to use this as a review, not necessarily teaching new concepts. So, which book to start with? Thanks for any and all suggestions:)

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I would start with the fractions book and would probably get the Decimals and Percents book as well since they have been working on both these topics. I see that TT does more on Fractions and Decimals again in grade 7 so there will probably be some stuff in Fred that they haven't come across yet. You could either just put the books aside for next summer when it gets beyond review, or keep going and let them get a head start on the grade 7 work.

As far as following the story in Fred goes, Fractions is a great place to start as that used to be the first book in the series (before he wrote the Elementary and Intermediate books).

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