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Memoria Press-Kindergarten

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Worth every penny. We did JrK. We are nearing finishing Kinder and I've already gotten my hands on 1st to prepare my mind for the fall and I'm getting excited about planning to start over with JrK when DD2 is ready.


As for prices... I bargain hunt my read alouds and supplement reads.


We start around nine and work as long as she desires. Stop for a snack and sibling imaginative play. Do our reading and enrichment for the day. Then lunch. Read more if left and then sister down for a nap she has bit of quiet time on her own (usually opts to read to me) and then goes back to complete workbooks not finished on the morning. As for how long that goes depends on her. She can get things done in half an hour, but sometimes dalies and takes longer. Almost always done early enough to have her own quiet time too.


I'm planning a full review, but its not ready yet. Ask ne anything..

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Thank you @cherryblossom! 


My concern about time is that I also have 2 older kids I'm HSing, and a 2 year old. The older two (6 and 8) are becoming a bit more independent, but of course still require a lot of my time.


What did you buy, and choose to not buy? Where did you buy the read alouds, etc?


I look forward to your review!

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