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  1. myspacebarisnotworking ihavetheoriginalmpartcardsandlovethem.wealsoenjoythevphistoryofart.itislikethesecondstagetocontinuestudyaftermpenrichmentwiththecards. http://creativemadnessmama.com/blog/tag/art-history/ sorry.about.space.bar.grrrr.
  2. This thread has been so valuable for me to read. My daughter, just turned eight can read anything and is taking forever with just one Literature guide. I haven't been able to give myself permission to just let her read like crazy until late Middle or high school. It definitely would release some tension in our school day. She loves Reading but it is the picking apart that she just doesn't favor.
  3. I have done both and have lots to say about them. As well as long reviews written. I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have. When you say you have done Memoria Press preK. Do you mean Preschool or Junior Kindergarten? The preschool is new and doesn't involve writing, while JrK has a few more years under its belt and some basic writing and coloring skills. Memoria Press is more of a trace the dots, ball and stitck sort. Phonics Museum is a fill in the hollow maze letter in D'Nelian Italic manuscript. My oldest has used MP since the beginning with JrK (before the days of
  4. I'm working on a review but haven't gotten all my thoughts to the page yet. Feel free to email me specifically any questions and I'll try to respond and wrap my mind around it all for you. CherryBlossomMJ AT gmail
  5. http://creativemadnessmama.com/blog/2015/08/22/our-next-read-aloud-book-lists/
  6. Mine went from Ramona to Henry to Ronald Dahl. These are all in her free reading time. She also is going back through Magic Tree House, Kate O'Hearn, Rick Riordan, E. B. White, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lewis Carroll, Peter Pan, Madeline L'Engle, and Narnia. She also just finished reading her first Janette Oke and has started her first Melanie Dickerson.
  7. It is saved to my phone and so helpful EVERY time. ðŸ˜
  8. Here is mine. I reviewed Level A and also have beta Level B in hand. http://creativemadnessmama.com/blog/tag/language-arts/
  9. My daughter started with the Egyptian Kane series, but has now stopped on percy Jackson. But I've gotten her D'Aulaires and we got a eBook library book in the Kate O'Hearn Pegasus series and she is loving those too. She also keeps going back to Magic Tree House and Ramona. While I let her, I keep telling her "this old one is fine, but you need to spend some time on new book X before reading Y again". I label my books per school year. So I can say go read a purple to your brother (toddler), orange or pink to your sister (CVC reading Kinder), or read a yellow or green on your own. Here she'
  10. Links to lots of reviews here: http://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/veritas-press-review/.
  11. My first child loves the idea of school and is a super Reader. My second child has the attention span of a butterfly and is a "spirited" child. In short, a totally different animal to teach. Still using Adventures in Phonics add-in with Bob Books as I mentioned previously. I'm using the material and added in a bit from Simply Classical 1 as well as Kindergarten for her. She is very slow to catch on and try reading but can do the seat work and handwriting as well as Math. We are not covering quite as much Enrichment with her as with her sister, but still do some. This child needs more
  12. We started all MP. Spent 2nd grade and a partial third grade with VP and have returned to almost full MP after lots of stress. If you are just talking curriculum and not enrollment in Diploma, then VP has a lot of wonderful things. We love the self-paved courses so far, we are really enjoying a live Memory Period. At History is awesome and the Pages of History books are fabulous. VP has good reading/literature lists. Memoria Press has it all together in an easy to follow lesson plan with no busy work. (VP LP are laden with "school at home busy work") MP is gentler eet I feel like ey
  13. Yes to FSR. I actually don't like Core Skills. We use Adventures in Phonics instead, cheaper and covers more too. If you don't want writing with phonics then OPGTR with Bob Books would be fine. I love both, my kids prefer the gentyle writing in FSR A-D. We use Bob Books instead of PP just fine. Love the ALS readers, even though they cost more. Love R&S math, and the Numbers Books are just the right amount of extra practice. (I own MM and prefer R&S.) If you want the Bible memory verse aspect, don't skip Copybook 1, or, even possibly consider SC Copybook 1 if you need some
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