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Finding the Balance of Mom Involvement

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I'm really stuck on finding the right history and science for my 4th and 6th grader next year (I usually school them together). I will also have my first high schooler in the fall along with a 2nd grader, a Ker, a 3yo, and an infant. So, I need something pretty independent, but something where I still have some involvement. I find that they learn more when I am part of the lessons and they enjoy it more. But, I don't have the time to read aloud for hours a day or to lead super-involved labs. But I would still like science with labs.


Any science and history suggestions that might work?



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Apologia young explorers series is a bit time intensive but you don't always have to do it together. Or, you can schedule large chunks twice a week when the babies are napping.


Another option is Story of the Worlrd which provides an excellent t overview and fodder for discussion. There's also the CD you can perhaps listen to while nursing the baby, and then if you had to manage your 3 year old you could whisper to her while the CD reads story of the World aloud.


Just some ideas. I'm no expert as I have only two close in age.

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