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What we need is a better search function

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For the whole debate over "logic/dialectic" board split--perhaps instead of divvying up the boards we could use a better search function so that we can look up "dialectic" AND say, writing, or "dialectic" AND "grammar."


(Right now one gets posts on either and both--not just both. So a search for "dialectic math" for example will bring up everything related to math and everything related to dialectic. As these boards grow, it's going to be impossible. As well, it would be helpful if people stopped talking about the "logic" stage and used the term dialectic--because now that I've used the word "logic" this post will be referenced by those seeking logic programs. And that's a waste of time.)


Of course, this would mean that those teaching children in the dialectic stage indicate that in their posts so it is searchable.


Ditto for "grammar" and "rhetoric" students too, I suppose.


This new format is unwieldly in that it does make it more difficult and time consuming to get what you need quickly. That's really the issue.

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Search does appear to be working the way you are suggesting. If you search "dialectic" and "math" and select the "Show Posts" radio button, you get 5 results. From those results, you still have the option to read the specific post or the entire thread.

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