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Need help with dd thesis xpost

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Dd is taking an online writing class, and this week she is finishing up a pov essay.


This is her thesis statement which the teacher likes.


Crocheting is a wonderful hobby because of the variety of projects, its income potential, and the enjoyment it provides.


This is her thesis restatement in her conclusion.


Overall, crocheting is a wonderful hobby: with so many different projects that can be enjoyed or sold, it is a fun handicraft for anyone.


The grading assistant commented:


"Try to have three thesis subtopics restated in your conclusion so that your essay can remain completely focused and structured. This will also give your reader a reminder about the essential information that you mentioned in your body paragraphs."


Dd emailed the teacher because we didn't understand.  Her teacher responded:


"She just wants you to summarize the three main points from your thesis right after you restate the main part of your thesis. Make the summary more direct, in other words. Does this help?"
We still don't understand the problem.  The three thesis subtopics are restated in the conclusion.  This is a restatement so we can't use the same wording.  Are the thesis subtopics not obvious enough?
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