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Bible Scripture Memory Software (game)

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I am trying to find software that will allow me to input our Bible memory verses so the kids can play games with them. I need something that doesn't require typing skills. Something like Verse Hero seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, but the subscriptions are priced for a church rather than a family. What else is out there that's similar? TIA!

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I was at a parents program at church yesterday where a young man demo'd CrossQuiz, which he programmed himself. There were various games, and for at least some of them the user needs to type the first letter of the word in the verse. I thought it was pretty cool, as well as pretty cheap. I think it comes pre-pregrammed with verses for the Bible Bee (a summer memorization competition, but I THINK one can program their own verses into it too. You would need to check it out further as I'm not sure of versions, etc.(I got the impression that he was a homeschooled, and this was his passion. :http://www.computerpp.com/?productcrossquiz Sorry that my "return" key is not working!

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We tried the Adventure Bible Memory App. It's very neat, BUT it hasn't been updated in 3 years and there are some errors. It looks as though the Support team abandoned it. The books of the Bible are out of order. (3 books appear AFTER Revelation) Limited verses.


I say all of this to let you know that I really loved the format, but was disappointed to find that there are errors and no support team. Don't spend your money on that one.

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