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Reading/Phonics instruction, your opinions and advice please

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Dd is seven (this past March), and technically in 1st grade. I started out with OPGTR (over a year ago) and she hated it. Nearly cried every time I brought it out. A friend recommended that I try 100 Easy Lessons, which I did. She loved it! We finished the entire book and while she is definitely reading, she still needs more work, and this is where I think I need help. We are using SL LA 1, including ETC, which she does fine with. We are on week 25 or so. She can read all of the Dr. Seuss books with little or no help, and has completed all of the I Can Read It! series. She also reads Little Bear, and other books, no chapter books.


After we were done with 100 EZ, I picked back up with OPGTR, but it is still one of the things she likes the least. One problem is that she has some visual tracking issues that we are working with, and OPG does not have enough differentiation of the page as far as word sizes and fonts. That's the main reason I think she did so much better with 100 EZ. I recently checked out Phonics Pathways and Reading Pathways from our library, and she really likes the look of them. I am just wondering if I start her on yet another program, will it totally mess her up forever?


We did the first few lessons in PP yesterday and while she knows the letter sounds fine, I was thinking we should start at the beginning and go through quickly because the teaching is like Abeka, it teaches beginning blends, while she is used to sound out individual letters.


Any advice is appreciated. This is the first dc I have taught to read because my oldest ds was in school through the end of 2nd grade. Please be kind.

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