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What is the difference between Singapore Earlybird K and Singapore Essentials K?

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My usual answer is about $30. :lol:


When I looked at them, I saw no reason to spend more when the EM K books are plenty and only cost $10 each. I used them with DS2, and he transitioned very easily to the PM series (finishing up 1B soon). I've already purchased EM K again for my youngest. :) Most people have said that EM K is more like PM than EB is.

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*blushes* I think that it might just the fact that almost every single page of the workbook and the teacher's book in Early Bird is in vibrant color. I like color (and by like, I mean love and that can't function without color). Plus, looking at the samples, Early Bird just seemed like it would be more fun (probably because of the aforementioned color), so I spent the extra money.


The other plus is that Early Bird aligns to the stories, which I also bought. We spent a lot of time talking about the pictures in those stories, but I'm still not sure whether they were a worthwhile investment... can you tell yet that I spent waaay too much on K-4 math?

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