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Alpa & Omega Monarch reviews???


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We used Monarch for science, social studies, and Spanish (9th grade) for Melody this year. I have mixed feelings.


Pros: Easy (for me), videos and activities are usually fun, can be done anywhere (we've been in Ireland for a month and Melody has done several lessons while here), pretty good education (covers things in depth)


Cons: some of the questions make no sense after reading the assignment, easy to "cheat" (not read the assignment and just search for the answer), several things have been marked wrong when they were actually right (according to the reading), they claim they are up to date, but we've found several things that weren't (the worst was it saying that the new currency of the EU "will be" the Euro and she had to learn various European countries' currencies that they haven't used in years), random God mentions and insertion of scriptures just to make sure it's a Christian program (could be a pro... most of those were totally unnecessary IMO and so it's a con for me), Spanish 1 moves WAY faster than any other Spanish 1 program I've seen


I do like Monarch well enough. I'd use it again.

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