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Is this worth trying to sell as a package? (older WP Ready to Learn)


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My youngest is now 8 - I obviously haven't been hanging out on the "preschool scene" for awhile! LOL!!


I'm sorting my bookshelves and coming to gripes with the fact that I'm poor AND probably not going to have another little one. HMPH.


I have a 2006 version of I'm Ready to Learn - it doesn't appear to use all the same books as the current one, so I'm not sure if it would be of value to sell as a package (easier to ship/deal with in my current frazzled state).


The one I have uses, WOW! I'm Reading, Art Starts for Little Hands, Sing! Play! Create!, Math Play and Science Play and the Young Learn's Bible Storybook. The kids have delved into the make-a-letter box for craft supplies and the blank book I saw.... a couple of days ago, but I think a kid took off with it! :D The books are all brand new condition and the guide has a couple of page numbers written on 2 of the weeks.


I really hate the whole process of selling used stuff....


Thanks for the input - baby steps to decluttering!


ETA: I do have the Bible book.... and I think I'm just going to list it all as a group for sale - along with some other extra odd and ends I just found. I'd like the stuff to get used and for a little one to have some fun!! :D

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