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New Science Standards for American Educational Publishers.....

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Textbooks to Push Climate Change in New Curriculum



By Joshua Rhett Miller

Published April 12, 2013



Take the time to read this article. It's an indication of how the Department of Education is going to exclude homeschoolers without an outright ban on homeschooling. They're going to try to do it through the back door.


If you can't take the time to read the article, here's the last paragraph which reveals their true intentions to fully indoctrinate all children into one mindset:


“The influence of political and religious views on evaluators and adopters in state education departments should be minimized by these new standards.,†Hull wrote FoxNews.com. “Students who are educated in accordance with them will have a far better chance for success in college courses and in competition on the employment market than those steeped in creationism design, new earth theory, and other alternative accounts.â€


This just strengthens my resolve to homeschool right through high school. I'll not let them strip my child of her individuality and personal beliefs to become one of the "collective".


This should not only be troublesome to Christian homeschoolers, but anyone who has what Hull considers "alternative accounts" or belief systems.

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