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Sonlight Core B Yr 1 of 2 - does the schedule come with notes?

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Help! I bought a this used curriculum off Ebay and when it arrived, only 3 of the schedule weeks have notes with them. I was under the impression that all of the weeks have notes along with the History and Read Aloud guides. I couldn't find any info on SL forum so I'm hoping someone who uses this curriculum right now might help. I have contacted the seller but I have yet to wait for the reply.





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it's been 4 years since we used it and I don't have it anymore but the guides a few years ago only had notes in each section not behind each week. It changed last year where all notes are behind the week.


So you should have the weekly schedule and then notes in history section and notes in read aloud section. The notes will be done by books and not week. If it's a 2012 schedule it should be with each schedule week.



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Yes, the arrangement is different. It's by book, not by week. I personally put the sheets for each book in a plastic sleeve behind the week when that book is started. Works great, and if you go faster through a book you have everything in one spot. :)

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