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Too much for history?

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I have been collecting resources for next year, and I'm thinking I may have gone a bit overboard for history. :)


We are doing Ancients starting this fall. I have Human Odyssey volume 1. I also got IEW's Ancient History writing package. Then I got CTC's World History Detective. And of course, a crop of literature/living books.


I like all the pieces, but I'm starting to feel like we'd get nothing done but history! Is it too much? Or is this an appropriate workload for 5th grade for one subject? If I need to cut back, would you drop the writing or the CTC book? The IEW set is really extra, as we do have other writing planned, but I thought it would tie in nicely. And History Detective is totally extra, but I like the way it makes the student synthesize and infer information.


We are not planning to take a full four years for a history cycle, either, so we will probably be moving a bit faster... That's mainly why it seems like too much to me.



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I think if you have other writing I would drop IEW or else do IEW and drop the other. I agree it ties in nicely. We've been using IEW's Early American History program and it's been a great way to go a little deeper with our history studies. CTC WHD could be used as a supplement to HO when needed. With that as an approach I don't think it's too much. You want to approach history from several different angles anyway to get a more comprehensive picture.

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If you like a lot of variety in your output, then I don't think that it is too much. I just got CTC WHD and I think it is going to be a great supplement, but I can't imagine doing it all the time. Maybe you could just sprinkle it in every now and then. The last part of WHD (Early American Civilizations) doesn't even show up until Volume 2 of K12, so you could really spread out its usage.

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