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Looking for some help re: Orange County, CA charter schools?

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I have a friend in OC who needs to homeschool her DS ( he is currently in 7th through connections academy, not working) She needs help, I suggested she look into charter schools ( the ones that give you x$ per student per year for classes and books). She is overwhelmed. She needs a tutor for him for math and LA. She has a 3rd grader in private now, a 4yo who is in a wheelchair ( born missing part of brain) and a 1 yo.

Anyone can tell me about some of these charters, recommend one??

I know nothing about them as I use a PSA.

I think she is hoping he might pick a career field and look for a votech program after HS. So right now sh eis not too concerned about AP classes or college prep.

If he could take his math and english classes live or have a math tutor, that would be huge!

She doesn' t mind driving him around for classes.

You can post here or PM me, please any help would be appreciated!

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I know of a great one day a week school in Chino Hills if you're interested. I grew up in Fullerton, very close to Brea, and I am about 15 minutes from the Brea Mall if you know where that is. I don't know if that's what you're looking for - it is not a daily school and it is not free.


I also know of a great math tutor, but I drive dd out to Corona for that.

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Here's a list of charter options in that area



I believe the following schools are more generous wrt funding. I would recommend visiting their website and looking at the vendors to see if there are tutors that meet her needs.


Sky Mountain Charter School



Mountain Peak Charter School



River Springs Charter School



Good luck!

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