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Help me with Math - VSL, color blind


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My almost 8 year old is a right-brained or VSL learner and has some color vision issues. He sees only the main colors, very little shades, and brown and green are often the same/grey. His reading is up to level now, but math is making very slow progress. He can understand the processes, negative numbers, place value, infinity, but he can not remember his addition facts. I've read this is typical. This is hard for me as I am a college math adjunct, and my son has dreams of building robots and thus needing math.


We are using SM 1B. Slowly. Working some drill on math facts, but it doesn't help. Do I just keep going and try something different for facts?


I tried RS Level A with him at age 5 because it doesn't use c-rods. Differentiating the colors on the rods is hard. Should I consider trying Level B now? Would MUS help? I have tried both with him. He was too young when I tried RS. MUS seemed boring and repetitive to me.


I like the idea of SM, but I can do math. Ideally, a problem based math where he can use his strengths like AIMS investigations or Kitchen Table Math would be good, but I need something that will get done. Any ideas?

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For my VSL, I use MEP. I print it in B&W and you can just tweak the rare question that lets them color answers (circle or some such instead).


You might add Primary Challenge Mathematics as well.


I hear you on the VSL challenges. Advanced concepts but those math facts, arrrrrgh. We also do math fact practice pretty much daily, either math bingo or Math Mammoth or MathRider, but MathRider probably wouldn't work well with the color blindness. No high pressure timed stuff, just simple fact practice after she's done her real math. MEP is very puzzle- and logic-based. Games are great too, like Peggy Kaye's Games for Math.

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Thanks for your thoughts. I've looked at MEP before. That would be a cheaper option. What kind of math manipulatives do you use? Did you make the math bingo game?



I mostly just use whatever is around as a counter (dice normally), plus the linking cubes when we were making ten. MEP uses number lines a lot and dd loves those. She'll draw her own half of the time. We also draw on the whiteboard to illustrate things. I just use a math bingo app, personally, but they have physical versions--I've seen them at Target in the dollar spot, plus I bet you could make your own anyway.


Oh, Miquon might work, too? I use that and Math Mammoth as supplements on particular topics that give dd trouble.

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