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xpost- History and lit by era/period? 6 year cycle?

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Does anyone do history in a slower, more exhaustive way rather than forcing so much into Year 3 and 4 of a WTM cycle? How many years did it take you to get through a full cycle? Anyone have a yearly schedule/resources they would like to share?


I know there is some overlap and differing ways to distinguish historical and literary eras, but I was thinking something like this:


Year 1- Antiquity

Year 2- Dark/Middle Ages

Year 3- Renaissance, Reformation

Year 4- Restoration, Revolution, Enlightenment

Year 5- Romanticism, Victorian Era (probably my favorite year!)

Year 6- Modernism, Postmodernism


The way history, literature, philosophy, art, and music all interrelate in these periods seems to lend itself really well to studying this way.

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