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curriculum for 4 yr old


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I'm not usually one that thinks a curriculum is needed for a child this age but I am looking for something that has the books, teachers plans, and arts/crafts all together. I am spending too much time trying to come up with ideas on what to do and read to my younger ones. I've looked at memoria press jr. kindergarden set but I don't think the lit books come with it. I want something already put together, easy to use, and will prepare them for class work in the coming years. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks

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In general I've really liked using MP Junior K curriculum this year. The lit books don't "come with it" but you can order the set from them. Or if you have a good library you could borrow them. Not all the selections have been my favorite though. I really like how the activities, crafts and lessons coordinate but find myself wishing, at times, for some more background info when they tell me to discuss such and such topic(mammals, color mixing, whatever). I recently bought the Usborne Childrens's Encycyclopedia to have as a 'reference' for her/me for these topics. I get it tomorrow so I don't know exactly how well it'll work yet.


Their Alphabet books and R&S counting w numbers and Inside Outside books that they are using for letters and numbers have been working well. There's a lot of writing at first glace but we started out tracing with fingers in the books, playing with the chalkboard, etc and now she does well with the writing (tracing, writing letters & numbers).


I've been seriously considering sonlight for my upcoming girl (currently 3). Their 3/4 and 4/5 levels look nice and their IG's look beautiful! pricey but beautiful :)

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