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Help With Meal Ideas?

Hunter's Moon

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I have tried sugar-free, dairy-free, grain-free in the past, but I always fail within days because I never have my meals planned out. I have many allergies and am very limited in terms of what I can buy since DH and I live with my parents.


I have allergies to all nuts, peanuts and all other legumes (soy, peas, green beans, beans). I also try to avoid best I can anything coconut because of my hazelnut allergy (there have been links between the two).


I cannot buy anything organic/grass fed because it is too expensive. Fruits and veggies here aren't too hard to get - it is the meats. My parents buy cured bacon and breakfast sausage. I assume the chicken, ground beef, and sausage we buy is alright, as there are no ingredients.


So far for meal ideas I have scrambled eggs with guacamole and some kind of meat with a side of veggies. I love brussel sprouts so occasionally just roast some brussels, carrots, and peppers for a meal.


I feel great the days that I avoid grains, sugar, and dairy. I am not bloated, gassy, and my GERD (acid reflux) does not act up. I really want to make this change, but I do not have much control over the food in the house, you know?


I recently got a job so I will have a bit more money every month to buy food, but not much. At least enough to supplement what my parents buy.


I really feel like this is impossible, but I know I need to do something. Being bloated, gassy, and reflux-y all day everyday is not normal. Plus, my weight is creeping...


Any meal ideas, or any practical ideas would be very much appreciated!

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