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Does anyone remember the Circe thread: RE using annotated classics....

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I know 8 fills the heart talked a bit about using annotated classics with her daughter. I am really interested in using the Annotated Hans Christian Andersen with my dd for our spring semester....but somehow feel like a deer in the headlights. My dd is in 9 th grade....ready to do some real writing and research etc...


Due to my auto-immune issues causing brain-fog...I am so sad to say, i have gaps in my organizational and unit writing abilities....AND, I know I have done units like this with my older kids....but can not remember HOW.....sad, huh?



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Search with the word circe in the K-8 board.


I'm doing annotated book literature with two of mine this year. My dd studying Anne of Green Gables uses Where the Brook and River meet for the most part. My oldest is using The Hobbit. There's no handy curricula to get me started for this one. I start by reading the annotated version myself, and make notes of the rabbit trails we can follow, sometimes searching the internet for particular works, art and such. Then I add in lectures from Mythgard Institute, reading more about Tolkien himself, and either some worldview application or a devotional like Walking With Bilbo, and try to make it fit in a weekly schedule. You can see a sample of material I pulled up for the first few chapters of the Hobbit in this blog post (we ended up adding even more than that, and we still haven't "finished" the Hobbit).

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