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Services for evaluating writing?

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Can anyone recommend a service that will evaluate my 9th grade dd's writing? I've talked with her about taking an outside English or writing class, and she's very reluctant to do so quite yet. She's carrying a heavy courseload overall this year so I haven't been following a formal curriculum for composition. Instead, I've made a series of essay assignments from a variety of subject areas. She's done a basic lit analysis essay on a short story, an couple of expository essays from history, a personal response to Mayan writings, and is currently working on a persuasive essay based on a science topic. I'm not sure if I am providing enough instruction, assigning challenging enough projects, or giving her adequate feedback. So I'd sure like to submit an essay or two to a neutral person who could give us some constructive feedback.


Many thanks in advance,

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I have used 2 different services. I used Cindy Marsch in 8th grade and Write At Home in 9th grade.


Cindy Marsch - I used the single evaluation option. She was very thorough, allowed me to submit 3 papers totaling <1000 words, gave a letter grade, was expensive, wanted to sell me more services

I can't locate the papers I sent to her. :crying:


Write At Home - I used the single draft evaluation. They were thorough, used some kind of a rubric that allowed for a numeric score, less expensive. I have found several returned essays (the rubrics were separate and I can't locate them) that I would be happy to share. Just send me a PM with your email address.



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Just today I contacted our local university's (Univ. of Texas) rhetoric department and and asked for a grad student that would like to tutor writing. I sent them all the details of what I wanted and they quickly found a grad student that wanted the job. We'll see how it goes...


We've used Write at Home in the past, but it went way too slowly. They would make 2-3 small suggestions, ds would correct & sent back to them, they would make 2-3 more suggestions, and on and on. I even emailed the tutor and asked them to push my son a little more, but it continued to be very slow going.


I also had a bad experience with the other suggestion; however, it was a class she taught through Veritas Press, so private evaluations may be different.


Please let us know if you find something you like!

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