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HELP! Phonics Road user needing to make a curriculum change


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I need some wisdom. I have used Road to Phonics for two years now with my 9 and 6 year old kids. My 9 year old is doing level 3 and my 6 year old level 2. I need to do an emergency curriculum switch to a English curriculum they can do independently and I am struggling to find something for them.


Has anyone had expereince in making a switch because they could no longer spend the necessary prep and teaching time? We recently got 2 new foster kids and there is no way I can be as intensive with teaching and prep that is required with Road to Phonics. I am sad to let it go but a change has to be made pronto :)


If it helps in your curriculum advice...


9 year old... Loves. loves to read, is not a workbook kid, spells at a 10th grade level according to the phonics road 3 first speling test evaluation, could use work in writting.


6 year old... Enjoys reading, loves anything that involves creativity, doesn't have the best reading comprehension, Still working on some phonics rules, Spells at a 2nd grade level according to the phonics road level 3 spelling test, loves to write.


Me.. little to no preperation, small amount of teaching time, a grab and go type of curriculum.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated :)

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