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I mentioned in another thread that I recently had an ultrasound and was told I have an inguinal hernia. All along I have been complaining that it is my hip that is really bothering me. It hurts 24/7. I couldn't imagine a hernia causing this much pain in the hip region, but what do I know? I've never had a hernia before.


Yesterday I received the ultrasound results in the mail. I have a 7mm hernia. What?! All this pain in my hip is from a miniscule hernia? Because the report also mentioned a "bursal effusion" as a possibility, I've been reading up on bursitis. This idea seems to fit my pain better. I do plan to contact the doctor Monday and let her know that I'm still in pain after a couple of weeks.


Anyone have experience with bursitis?

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Definately talk to the doctor. If you don't feel your doctor has nailed the problem behind your pain, definately persue it further. When you have doubts, get a second opinion. I hear too many tales of misdiagnosis.


Hope you get your answers soon!


Thank you!

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