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Gluten, diary, and sugar free recipes please

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DN is diabetic, has celiacs disease and just found out that she is now lactose intolerant due to the damage of celiacs. Need some recipes to help out her mom for bread and other basics. I know you ladies have some wonderful recipes available right? I just hope I am able to find something for the poor girl whose diet has been turned upside down in the last 3 months.

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I am also gluten-free and have recently gone dairy-free as well. She may need to change her view of what food is supposed to be like. For example, lunch doesn't need to be a sandwich. Breakfast doesn't need to include toast.


Some suggestions I have:



gluten-free oatmeal w/ vanilla almond milk

omelet with lots of veggies

fruit salad



take whatever you'd put in a sandwich and wrap it in a lettuce, collard, or chard leaf.

a big salad with nuts and/or chicken on it

turkey slices wrapped around avocado slices



Bean soup, vegetable soup, or chicken and rice soup w/ GF/DF crackers

Roasted chicken with potatoes, carrots, and onions


Brown rice pasta dishes with tomato sauce or pesto

Tacos with avocado instead of cheese/sour cream

Pad Thai with rice noodles

Grilled fish with steamed vegetables

Stir fry any combo of meat and veggies and serve over rice

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