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Insect Collecting -- need recommendations for materials

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Hope you all are having a good summer either relaxing or working on a lighter schedule.


Oldest ds (10yo) just got interested in collecting bugs. Presently, he's killing one in my freezer (an optional method over using nail polish remover):tongue_smilie:. He wants to mount the bugs he's collected, but we were hoping for some recommendations of your fave items? Also, does he have to get "bug pins" or can he use just regular straight pins?


Any other recommendations (including favorite sites for buying the materials) are appreciated.



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and one of those frames that is made for opening and holding collectibles - I forget what it's called. A window box frame, maybe? It was filled with cotton batting, so that the bugs (well, they were all bees in DS's case) could be pinned down to the cotton.


Our situation was greatly simplified by the fact that DS only collected the bees after they were dead anyway. He'd go out in our yard daily, searching the ground for dead bees. He accumulated a collection of 50 or so before tiring of that hobby.


This was a gift, so I don't know where it was purchased, but I would think most craft stores would have these things.

Michelle T

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