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Looking for 9th Grade Suggestions

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My daughter has been attending 9th grade through K12 online which is free in our state. We are moving in a month to a state where it is no longer free, and I just can't afford to pay for her to continue so we will be back to old fashioned homeschooling.


I have the majority of subjects figured out for the second half of 9th grade for her. But, she is in Honors English. What can I use that would be able to be put on a transcript as an Honors English class? Looking for secular materials preferably. I think she could use a good grammar review, and she LOVES to write, so something strong with writing. (That's mostly what her Honors course has added is she writes a few more papers throughout the year and reads a couple more novels.)


Also, she would like to go back to Latin as Spanish is kicking her butt this year, but has also contemplated taking both languages, maybe 2 years of Latin and 2 years of Spanish, or some sort of combination. She took 1 year of Latin as an 8th grader with K12 using PowerSpeak, but that is the only experience she has in it. And same with Spanish - it is through K12 using PowerSpeak with an actual teacher this year in 9th grade, but we are only at the end of the first quarter.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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:001_smile: Thank you for the reply!


Funny you mentioned Excellence in Literature, I just stumbled upon the website and saw it this evening! I do believe it could be a perfect fit. I liked some of the other curriculum they had too, just need to scan the forums and get some reviews!


I will check out Analytical Grammar too.


Thanks so much for your help!

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