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Veteran's day


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This year my scouts are focusing on giving back to the church that charters their troop and pack. My Cub Scout and his den are doing the flag ceremony for the Veteran's Day church service. They'll wear white satin gloves and ascots with their full uniforms. My Boy Scout has done the same service in the past, and marched with flags in the local parade. He'll be in uniform greeting people, and his troop puts up flags around the parking lot. My girls will be greeters this year as well.


You might call a local cemetery and ask when they're putting up the flags for the veterans. That's usually all done by community volunteers. We did this for Memorial Day this year and it was very rewarding. Bring a screwdriver, and don't forget about the clean-up detail a few days later, too. Less than 1/4 of the people who put flags up come back to help take them down.


Visiting a senior home with veterans is another one.

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DD is only 5 (6 in December), so this is what we have done so far:


1) Our local library has this video on Veterans' Day. We have checked it out at least twice for holiday studies. It is a nice easy introduction to the holiday. Do a search at your library and see what is available.


2) YouTube has some good clips of educational materials. I think that this one is actually from the video listed above. ALWAYS PREVIEW YOUTUBE CLIPS ON YOUR OWN BEFORE SHARING THEM WITH YOUR CHILDREN.


3) Field trip to a cemetery to identify graves with flags and talk about their status as veterans.

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