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What is our next math step?


What should be our next math step?  

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  1. 1. What should be our next math step?

    • BA 3B Distributive Property Chapter
    • Hands on Equations
    • AIMS Perimeter & Area unit
    • Singapore 4A Ch. 1 - Large Numbers & Place Value
    • MM Blue Place Value 4

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I'm indecisive, so I'd love to hear some hive opinions. :D


What should be our next math topic for ds 1?


BA 3B Distributive Property Chapter - ds already fluently uses the distributive property and completely comprehends it, but has not done formal problems on it (I do explain that he is "distributing" the the 7, etc. as he does it in problem solving).


Hands on Equations - ds loves variables, and adds them into every word problem, frequently goes for algebra before arithmetic


AIMS Hands-on unit on Perimeter and Area - ds struggles with understanding why the formula for area (l x w) works, so he frequently forgets it. He is incredibly hands-on intuitive, so I think this unit might cement the concept for him and only takes 11 lessons/days.


Singapore 4A Chapter 1 Large #s - ds completely understands long division, but needs some large number place value work to move forward to the next step of working all four operations with huge numbers (flips place value b/c of dyslexia - says hundreds when means thousands, etc.)


MM Blue Place Value 4 - For the same reason as above, but with Math Mammoth



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