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Phonics and writing question.


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Hey everyone! I just joined the other day but I've been lurking for a while. I have a quick question but just to explain a little - my son will be 4.5 on November 1. I do preschool with him - lots of playing, lots of reading, writing practice as he wants to, calendar time and playing with numbers, little workbooks, and so on. Little bit of computer time with things like Starfall. He has some issues, the main one being he is on the spectrum (doc says if his speech catches up, then it may be changed to Asperger's like his father is).


Now, I know that's plenty for preschool (and please please no one jump me for doing workbooks or something with him. He loves them. I already have people yelling at me for "pushing" him but I let him direct as much as possible and if we don't do things like that, he gets frustrated because he wants to write things and he wants to read and so on. His speech is well enough now that he informed his doc he was bored when we weren't doing school and he gets scared when we aren't teaching him. So..it helps and if he wants to do it we do it.)


Now the quick question - and this is more for when we start Kindergarten level stuff, though it is tempting to go ahead and start teaching him lil' bits since he's already trying to copy (especially my writing, which is a mess when he copies it and then he's annoyed because he doesn't know how to do it) - I've been lurking like I said and I've found some interesting phonics things. Not only does DS want to read and is trying to mimic it but the ST says it could very well help him with his speech. So has anyone used Progressive Phonics, Blend Phonics (found it on donpotter.net) or Alpha-Phonics? If you have, what do you find is best and why?


Also, has anyone ever used the handwriting portion of How to Tutor? I would like to teach him cursive, and it was recommended by his OT, but he's picked up all his manuscript capitals already. Lowercase not so much. I'm not sure how to go about teaching cursive - he's very annoyed he can't sign his name to the drawings he does and things.


Thanks in advance for any help! Also, the simpler, the better.

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