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  1. PAL Reading/Writing --> ASD Reading and Pentime Horizons --> back to Spunky Math/Matific/Ray's combo Tweaked to death AO Year 1 --> tweaked to death combo of AO and Layers of Learning Years One Using BFSU book 1 to guide lessons/avoid gaps/make sure of understanding
  2. For us, ASD Reading has been the big breakthrough. That and a bribe with "when you finish level 1, you get a Minecraft book." But he's reading, and he's discovering that he can read other things. He's taking great delight in "Hey mom! Watch this!" and then reading something to me. Spunky Math mixed with Ray's has worked very very well. Plain ol' Pentime is working for his handwriting. He doesn't mind doing it at all. I'm hoping to shift into copywork, though maybe I'll just stay with this since he likes it. Idk yet. And oddly enough, pulling books from AO's Year 1 has helped a lot getting him interested in something other than bugs. 50 Famous Stories Retold has him wanting to really dig into history, for example. Working on narration is actually helping him somehow slow down in his speech, so that is improving as well.
  3. I don't know if it counts as "cheesy" but CtGE and Pathway Reader workbooks are a hit here.
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