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Let's make a list of literature resources for specific phonics skills


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The answers to my last post, looking for readers, etc for specific phonics skills didn't quite pull up what I was looking for, which was a database or search engine in which one could find literature resources that reinforce specific phonics concepts and skills.


So, I'm wondering if we might start one here? Do you know of any literature books in which a specific phonics skill or concept is reinforced?


As an example, I'm thinking of books like Sheep in a Jeep, which reinfoces the long e, ee concept. I'm not looking for reader sets, basal readers, etc. I'm looking for books that one could find at the library and have on hand for when we learn a specific skill. Maybe we could start a list of the phonics skills, and then add to that list, literature resources that reinforce the skill? Is there an interest in this?

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