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Something other than WWE for DS who wants to write??

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My 5th grade son just finished WWE 3. We started a lower in WWE because the format was new to us, so I thought I'd get used to it and begin there. He blazed through it writing all his own summaries after reading the passages. He very rarely narrated anything to me. He even went back to proof/revise his summaries. They have all been spot-on with the provided samples and his sentence construction and word choice are very well done. So, I think he's writing at above the WWE3 level. WWE has been a wonderful option,




He's bored of the WWE formula and how it limits his writing to summaries/dictation. He's a very capable writer and has asked to do more "creative" writing, which means anything other than reading a passage and writing a summary.


I know there's WWE4, but I think the 4-day format and more summary will turn him off. I think there's value in continuing some WWE, but I need something else to complement the summary formula.


Any suggestions for a writing curric for a capable and eager 11-year-old writer that has some assignment structure like WWE, but gives the child freedom to bust out of the summary mold and be a little more self directed?

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