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I turned to the internet this past year for some social studies lessons for my

5th and 6th graders. I found several sites and then selected their grade level for them to work on at their pace. I found that it did help with their test scores from the previous year. You might also consider using some of the videos on United Streaming depending on what topic in social studies you want to learn about. I am anxious to see what other moms suggest for you as well as I would like to pick up something to use.

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I think there are a few ways to go about this.


For one, if it doesn't matter what your kids score, then you might just decide that following the TWTM history schedule is more important then the very american history centered plan that schools follow, and you might decide to do nothing.


You might look at the standards for your state, and try to talk about one a week or so, of the standards you won't already be covering in history. Here are Georgia's standards. http://www.georgiastandards.org/socialstudies.aspx If you are ready for the 3 year of the rotation, you can easily focus on American History and you might find that next years test is much better. Getting American at the logic level might be all that is needed.


While never one of my children's favorites, I find going to a local teacher supply store and picking up a generic grade level workbook on whatever subject I think needs a little boosting before a test, can be an easy way to add it to our days. The Spectrum series is a big one, I don't know if they do social studies, but there are other workbooks you could just pick up that will be correlated to state standards.


Edited, because I finally got the 7th grade standards to load, and they are all Asian and African, the 5th grade ones were American.

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